Join the MCI GB

If you would like to compete in the MCI GB dressage tests and aim to qualify for the MCI European Championships with the chance to represent Great Britain plus compete in our National Championships, you need to join the MCI GB.

Membership is based upon a rider and horse combination as follows:

  • Non-competing Member: £29.50 per year (Breeder/Owner/Supporter)
  • Rider & 1st Purebred Horse: £60 per year
  • Rider & 1st Partbred/Fusion Horse: £45 per year

Additional competing Horses:

  • Purebreds: £30 per year
  • Partbreds/Fusions: £25 per year

Only members and their registered Purebred horses can achieve qualification for the MCI European Championships. Partbreds/Fusions are able to compete and qualify for the National Championships but are not allowed to qualify for the European Championships according to MCI EU rules.

Memberships run on a calendar year basis, renewing automatically each year unless you cancel. Once you've signed up using the form below, you can manage your account online, including adding horses, amending or updating your profile as well as cancelling your membership if you wish.

Please note, that unless you have a technical problem, we do expect members to self-administer their accounts.